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This web site has been designed from the ground up to be a tool for collecting and reporting on the most detailed, structured information on supplements available anywhere on the internet. It is based on information, not on sales.

To that extent, you can read reviews and compare prices on a substance, sometimes independent of brand and always independent of whether it comes in a 2 lb tub or a 5 lb tub.

If you've been researching the web, trying to find out the best supplement for vascularity, fat loss, muscle gain, etc. with the lowest side effects, or the best-tasting whey protein, then you have come to the right place.

It is not surprising that some online retailers have better prices for some supplements than other online stores, but worse prices for others.

Our price comparison feature allows you to pick supplements in the sizes you're interested in, then see which online retailer has the whole set of supplements at the lowest overall price with the Favorites option. Favorites also allow you to narrow down and compare supplements you're researching.

Have you been using one supplement for a long time? If one retailer makes a drastic reduction in the price of it, would you consider stocking up from them while the going is good? Use Price Alerts to track major changes in pricing across all the retailers.